Central Park

In front of the library is the central park, where people come to relax and enjoy the fountain. In the fountain you can see a statue of the patron saint of the town, John the Baptist.


The Catholic Church is built with stone in the style colonial architecture. The church represents the Christian faith of the Juaneros or people from San Juan la Laguna. The first evidence of the church’s existence in San Juan La Laguna dates back to 26 February 1633.

Various earthquakes have caused serious destruction to the church’s original structure, and today you can only see the old facade of the original building. Behind that a new church is being built. Previously the church was made from large adobe bricks. The church had 4 large and 2 small musical bells. Two eventually cracked and broke. For that reason today, it has only two of the ancient bells. The church is dedicated to John the Baptist, the town’s patron saint.

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