Typical Clothing

In San Juan, men’s clothing consists of a red handkerchief which distinguishes him as someone with an important role; a black and white striped shirt; a red sash with yellow, green, black and white stripes; and white cotton trousers, called saka'w, that has three to four rows decorated with small jars, dolls and flowers. The designs on the trousers represent respect within relationships, including fidelity in matrimony, and also relates to the unity between human life, animals and plants in the countryside.

Women's clothing consists of a deep red huipil or the traditional Mayan blouse with rainbow colors embroidered around the neck. The red symbolizes blood and red maize, which relates to the calendar and the story of time. The traditional clothing also consists of a maroon ribbon in braided hair, a red sash with black and white stripes, and a black skirt with white stripes. The dark background relates to the darkness of the night and black corn.

Mayan Worldview

Mayans use ceremonies as a way to ask and thank Ajau or God and Q'atee Ruachulew or Mother Nature for all the things that happen in their lives. The ceremonies are performed by Mayan priests in sacred shrines that are located in several places around the community. Sacred sites can be in mountains, caves, archaeological sites, and cemeteries. Before performing a ceremony, you should consult the Mayan ceremonial calendar called the Tzolquin.


San Juan’s cuisine is one of the most delicious of Lake Atitlan. There are several distinct dishes, all made with ingredients from the area. When visiting San Juan la Laguna, plan to taste some typical dishes, like the Free Range Chicken Soup or Caldo de Pollo Criollo. Try the Caldo and contribute to bettering the families of the community and keeping traditions alive.

Biblioteca Comunitaria

The Community Library Rija'tzuuj Na'ooj or Seed of Wisdom, is a dynamic and attractive space. At the library, users can read, research, learn, and discover new ideas. Here, cultural and traditional values of democracy and prosperity in the community contribute to a spirit of discovery while promoting public participation.

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