In San Juan: To get around town you can use the motorcycle taxi known as a tuc- tuc. The price of a trip in tuc- tuc anywhere in San Juan is 5 Quetzales.

To San Pedro: To get to San Pedro by tuc-tuc it costs 10 Quetzales. You can also travel in a collective pick-up truck which costs 3 Quetzales.

To San Marcos:  It costs 20 Quetzales to go to San Marcos by tuc-tuc.

To Guatemala City: Camionetas or chicken buses leave from San Juan la Laguna to Guatemala City every hour from 3am to 2pm and from Guatemala City to San Juan La Laguna each hour from 11am to 5pm. The running time is 4 hours and the fare is 30 Quetzales.

To Xela or Quetzaletenango: Camionetas or chicken buses leave from San Juan Laguna to Quetzaltenango every hour from 4am to 11am and from Quetzaltenango to San Juan la Laguna every hour from 10am to 5pm The running time is 3 hours and the price is 25 Quetzales.




To Panajachel: There are direct lanchas or boats to Panajachel. They leave when they are full with about 13 people. The trip costs 25 Quetzales. Boats leave between 6am to 5pm. The last boat to return from Panajachel is at 7pm.

To San Marcos, Tzununa, or Santa Cruz: There is a lancha or boat that travels along the western shore of Lake Atitlan and stops in several villages. The boats leave from San Juan between 6am to 5pm. These boats leave about every 40 minutes. The price of the trip depends on where you stop.