Rostro Maya

This natural reserve contains 93 acres of subtropical forest and is a sacred mountain, due to its ceremonial site known as the Mayan Face or the Rostro Maya in Spanish and Rupalaj K'istalin in Tz’utujil.  The Rostro Maya is shaped like a face looking to the sky, and it is visited for its diverse flora and fauna with a magnificent view of the lake.

The Association of Tourist Guides, Rupalaj K'istalin, is named after this sacred place. The tour guides offer a tour of the mountain or you can just pay the 30 Quetzales entry into the reserve and follow the well-marked trail. The ascent of the mountain is a 6 km trek, and takes about 3 hours. On the trail, visitors can admire one of the most beautiful and characteristic landscapes of Lake Atitlán, you can dive into a world of legends and stories that tell the life of the Tz'utujil Mayans, and you can understand the importance of nature in the life of the village of San Juan la Laguna.

Tourist Map